Kerecis Wound Gains Momentum

August 9, 2019by jagworldwide0
Wound Source magazine, published by Kerstrel Health Information, has selected Kerecis Omega3 Wound as one of top five most interesting wound care products.


Kerecis™ Omega3 Wound, is an acellular fish-skin graft. “We’ve seen a number of bovine, porcine and human cell-based technologies introduced to the US market, so this is a new offering for wound and surgical applications” says Miranda Henri in an article on

The article states that ”The technology behind Kerecis™ Omega3 Wound works like this: The decellularized fish skin sheets serve as a scaffold for the repopulation and revascularization of cells in the patient’s wound. The proprietary formulation of Omega3 lipids found in the fish skin help support the skin’s corneal health through absorption, aiding in the reduction of inflammation. We’re all familiar with the benefits of fish and omega 3 in other areas of health. I know I take my fish oil supplements regularly. Now we see its benefits being used in advanced wound care.”

“This is an important recognition for our technology and a terrific start of our business in the United States” says Gudmundur Fertram Sigurjonsson, Kerecis President & CEO.


Clinical study demonstrates that wounds heal faster with Kerecis Omega3 Wound than with a leading porcine derived product.

In August Kerecis presented clinical results demonstrating the efficacy of its fish-skin technology for wound healing at the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The findings are the results of research done in Iceland and sponsored by U.S. Department of Defense entities.

The randomized, controlled study concluded that wounds treated with the Kerecis fish-skin product close significantly faster than wounds treated with a leading porcine-derived product. After 14 days, fully twice as many of the wounds treated with Kerecis Omega3 had closed than the wounds treated with the competitive product (Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, March 19, 2015).

Kerecis Omega3 Wound, has been approved by the FDA and European regulatory authorities for wound healing and the technology is patented in the United States, and patents are pending in multiple countries. In 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded the Kerecis wound-healing product a “Q” code (Q4158), allowing it to be easily identified and processed by Medicare and private insurance companies.

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