Medical Device & Healthcare Industry Experts

Contacts, Networks, Distributors, Manufacturers, Funding & Investment.

Why employ when you can contract with us on a month to month or project basis.
In these changing times we can help you formulate your structure and game plan.


We Are Jag Worldwide

We are Medical Device & Healthcare Industry Experts

Distribution Management

If you intend to grow your business through International distributors our global network will make that easy for you. We have worked in 55 different countries Internationally with extensive experience in Europe, India, China, The Americas & Australasia.

Management Support

Sales, Marketing, Distributor Management & Recruitment are all roles we can fill for you. As we work closely with you to understand your needs we will be able to support your strategic thinking to ensure a clear pathway for your business growth.

Investment Funding

JAG-Venture seeks growth via acquisition. We are supportive investors and will fund further rounds of investment as the business grows. Our focus industries are Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Technology & Energy.

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